Building Broad-Based Prosperity

Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County is engaging more boldly than ever before in our community’s affordable housing crisis with our Building Broad-Based Prosperity™position paper series. We are committed to working together in response to the growing housing needs of hardworking Central Floridians.  
The challenge of affordable housing can be overwhelming for Central Floridians struggling under the burden of skyrocketing housing costs and for our region’s community organizations working relentlessly to address one of the most complex socioeconomic problems imaginable.

Download the first paper, which outlines our solutions to this escalating issue, below. In the coming months, we will release additional papers exploring these solutions in greater detail. Let’s spark dialogue and drive progress toward more affordable housing—benefiting everyone living and working in Central Florida.

Building Broad-Based Prosperity™: A Position Paper Calling for an Evolution of Today’s Housing Policies 

In the first of these position papers, Habitat Orlando & Osceola outlines an audacious proposal for the work ahead.  

Housing is a “wicked problem,” or one that is difficult to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements. Addressing this worsening crisis calls for new ways of thinking, leading, managing and organizing. Read on to be introduced to four mindset shifts necessary to tackle Central Florida’s affordable housing crisis.

Join Habitat Orlando & Osceola in building prosperity and evolving today’s housing policies.

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