Habitat U covers a number of different topics that are key to being a responsible, successful homeowner.

These classes are free for everyone and are offered in-person in Orlando and Osceola County and virtually.


Each homebuyer applicant is required to complete this series of 11 prospective homeowner classes (2 credits each) plus the HUD-approved First-time Homebuyers Workshop (8 credits).

Classes will be repeated once a quarter and locations/format may vary every quarter. Learn more about the classes below.

Financial Literacy: Budgeting Home Maintenance 101
Financial Literacy: Credit Home Maintenance 102
Financial Literacy: Savings Home Insurance*
Closing docs/Predatory Lending Disaster Preparedness
Foreclosure Prevention Community Engagement (Civics)
Estate Planning First-time Homebuyers Workshop (HUD approved)

* Disaster Preparedness and Home Insurance are sometimes offered as a combined class. Future homeowners attending the combined class will receive credit for both.

Please contact Home@HabitatOrlandoOsceola.org with any questions.

A calculator, notebook, pen and coffee cup.

Financial Literacy: Budgeting

Become a better saver, and learn how to budget.

Financial Literacy: Credit

Learn about credit – and how to understand a credit report – with this class.

Financial Literacy: Savings

Better understand how to save for big goals, like the downpayment on your future home.

Closing Documents and Predatory Lending

This Habitat U course helps you prepare for this final step in purchasing your home – and beyond.

A white house with a red roof sits next to a set of keys.

Foreclosure Prevention

Understand the alternatives to foreclosure and what resources are available for troubled homeowners.

Estate Planning

This HabitatU class describes the basic concepts of Estate Planning and Planning for Incapacity.

Home Maintenance 101

Yes, you can! A guide to DIY. This home maintenance class will teach you the basics of caring for your Habitat home!

Home Maintenance 102

The advanced home maintenance class especially for Habitat homebuyers.

Home Insurance

  • Understand how much insurance you need and the cost of insurance.
  • How to shop for insurance and understand the difference in insurance policies, what they cover, and how to file a claim

Disaster Preparedness

  • Learn information needed before, during, and after disasters strike.
    • How to prepare for disasters,
    • tips from the local Office of Emergency Management
    • Ensure that your home is protected and that you know what to do in the event of a disaster.

Community Engagement (Civics)

• Learn about our rights, duties, and responsibilities as a member of a state or a community.
• Learn to contribute to public processes & discussions of real issues.
• Learn civic practices such as voting, volunteering, jury service, and joining with others to improve society.

First-time Homebuyers Workshop (8 hours)

Ready to take the step into Homeownership? Join Habitat Orlando & Osceola, a HUD-approved housing counseling agency, for a FREE First-time Homebuyer Workshop where you will learn what it takes to become homebuyer ready!