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You are beginning the orientation and application process to purchase a house through Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County. The orientation should take you 15 minutes to complete. It will take you approximately 15 minutes from the end of the orientation to complete the full application.

Criteria for homeownership

You may be eligible for a Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County home if you are currently residing in Orange or Osceola County and meet the following 3 guidelines:

  1. Ability to pay an affordable mortgage
  2. Need: Currently in substandard living conditions
  3. Willingness to partner and build your own home

Examples of housing need:

  • Inadequate
  • Overcrowded
  • Transitional
  • Government subsidized
  • Cost-burdened – rent payment exceeds 30% of gross income
  • Unable to purchase a home through conventional financing

Ability to pay: Income & credit requirements

  • You must meet the following income guidelines*:
Family Size Minimum Gross Monthly Income Maximum Gross Monthly Income
One $3,700 $6,150
Two $3,700 $7,030
Three $3,700 $7,910
Four $3,700 $8,780
Five $3,700 $9,490
Six $3,700 $10,190
Seven $3,900 $10,890
Eight $3,900 $11,590

*Please note that our minimum and maximum income limits are subject to change at any time.

*Applications will not be approved if the household income is below the minimum amount listed for the household size.

  • Our calculations are based using gross income and income must be:
    • Verifiable
    • Reliable
    • Likely to last for 3 years
  • Sources of income that are considered include:
    • Employment income (2-year history)
    • Disability income
    • Child support
    • Alimony
    • Social Security
    • SSI
    • Pension
    • Retirement
    • Self-employment (2-year history – must provide 2-year Tax Return and P&L statement)
  • Meet the debt to income ratio. The total of your monthly debt payments (including the estimated mortgage payment) cannot exceed 47% of your gross monthly income (based on credit history, some borrowers may have a maximum debt ratio of 36%).
    • You must demonstrate an ability to meet credit obligations
      • Median credit score of 650 as demonstrated on a tri-merge credit report.
        • If there are no scores, documentation of three credit references will be required with no more than thirty days delinquent on two or more regular monthly payments.
        • Have no “non-medical” charge offs on any credit report.
        • More than two years have lapsed on bankruptcies and foreclosure.

    For a list of local HUD approved credit counseling agencies to assist you in reducing your debt, visit their website.

    To continue with online orientation, please indicate that you understand that applicants need a credit score of at least 650.