Home DIY

These home resources aim to help make your home safe, comfortable and affordable.

A well-maintained home provides a safe place for you and your family to create memories for years to come. Maintaining a home means keeping it clean and free of unnecessary clutter; protected from the elements; protected from pests; and visually appealing. 

The manual below from our Construction team is one of the home resources we offer to help you renovate or keep up your home. 

Let our Construction staff walk you through some basic home maintenance.

How to use your window blinds

This video from Habitat Orlando & Osceola’s Construction staff shows you how to raise and lower the window blinds in your Habitat home.

How to maintain the doors of your Habitat home

This tutorial from Habitat Orlando & Osceola’s construction team goes over some common issues with doors, including:

  • Tightening doorknobs
  • Replacing closet doors on their tracks

How to maintain the electrical components of your Habitat home 

This maintenance class will go over maintaining the electrical systems of your home. Topics covered in this video include:

  • Changing your interior can lights
  • Changing your porch lights
  • Maintaining your smoke detector

Basic methods of maintaining your HVAC system

Learn some basic methods of maintaining your HVAC system. This video covers:

  • Changing your air filters
  • Cleaning the drain
  • Vacuuming the drain line.

How to maintain your home’s plumbing 

Habitat Orlando & Osceola’s construction staff describes basic ways to maintain your home’s plumbing. This video describes:

  • Dealing with leaks under the sink
  • Changing out the faucet
  • Using the exterior shut off valves
  • Adjusting the water heater.

We also feature DIY advice and other resources for homeowners – and renters – on our blog.

How to prepare for hurricane season

How to prepare for hurricane season

Preparation for a hurricane starts long before a storm sighting. The start of hurricane season, June 1, offers the perfect opportunity to review supplies, plans and best practices for hurricane safety.

5 tips for growing a tasty garden

5 tips for growing a tasty garden

Pepper your pretty landscaping with fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Edible gardening provides fresh, healthy food to gardeners – and can save them from a trip to the grocery store.