As we enter a new year, one thing that likely hasn’t changed is the lack of free time we all have on our hands to think about home maintenance. Particularly when the weather is cooler and we aren’t in panic mode over hurricane season, it can be tempting to put the little things off for another day. Winter is the perfect time to check certain things off your to-do list:

1. Show your AC some love! In addition to keeping up with the regular changing of your filters, be sure to check your thermostat to ensure it’s still working properly. Also, assess your windows and doors for any potential air leaks that could affect the efficiency of your system. Now is a great time to schedule that AC tune-up. While AC contractors are in heavy demand during the sweltering summer months, winter tends to be a slower season. Getting the necessary maintenance done now will help ensure you stay cool as a cucumber come August.

2. Work on that winter garden. Since most plants have entered their dormant season and you aren’t spending all your free time behind the lawn mower, now is the perfect time to work on those outdoor projects you haven’t had the time or energy for. Consider starting a garden with delicious winter veggies or planning for the new plantings you want to install in the spring. Also be sure to take the time to give your trees and shrubs their winter pruning while they’re dormant. For pruning tips, check out the UF Extension Services’ guide here. 

3. Winter is a perfect time to inspect your roof for wear and tear. Carefully inspect your roof for accumulated debris, worn shingles or obvious damage. If you have gutters, now is also the time to get those cleaned out to avoid drainage issues. You can also hire a roof professional or have a wind mitigation inspection performed to check the condition of your roof. If damage is found, you have plenty of time to address it before hurricane season starts.

Our Habitat Inspects program is also here to provide Orange and Osceola county homeowners with tools and education on topics including home insurance and home inspections. Program participants may be able to reduce their home insurance costs, and uncover home maintenance issues and critical home preservation obstacles.

If your application is approved, you will be eligible to receive a free voucher for a wind mitigation inspection ($150 value) based on property status and need. Click here to learn more and apply.