2024 is a big year for Park Square Homes. Not only are they celebrating 40 years in business, but in February they will celebrate building their 10th Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County home. Park Square Blitz 2024 opens on Feb. 5, with the builder, along with their over 25 local partner vendors and subcontractors, donating their time and materials to build a Habitat home. Suresh Gupta, co-CEO of Park Square Homes, said 2024 is all about celebrating milestones while serving the community that has supported the company for four decades.

Park Square Homes co-CEO Suresh Gupta.

“We’ve served Central Florida for 40 years, and it’s been a pleasure. We’ve enjoyed the journey,” Gupta said. “As Central Florida is growing, we’ve been growing with it, and we see a great future still as Central Florida is going to continue to grow.”

40 years, 40 days of service

Gupta said the Blitz build fits into the company’s 40 years, 40 days of service initiative, where employees will have the opportunity to volunteer for 40 days of charity work, giving back to the community. Park Square Homes will be supporting select charities throughout the year with sweat equity, financial donations or collecting goods for their specific needs.

Gupta said every year his employees and subcontractors look forward to the Blitz build. He said playing a role in a hardworking family’s journey to homeownership makes the coordination that it takes to build a home in five days more than worth the effort.

“It takes a lot of coordination to build this house within five days. And the coordination is with our purchasing department, it’s with our subcontractors, it’s with Habitat, it’s with the county inspectors,” Gupta said. “They all come together and make this happen and it’s a wonderful experience.”

This year’s Blitz home will be purchased by Margarita and her husband Richard. The home will be a place where the couple and their two children, ages 19 and 10, can make a lifetime of memories. “What a home means to me is a place where you go and create memories. And I think especially for children … it’s a safe haven,” Gupta said.

10 Habitat Homes

Ten families since 2015 will have a safe and affordable home thanks to Park Square Homes’ hard work and dedication. “We’ve enjoyed every year doing it,” said Gupta, who also served on Habitat Orlando & Osceola’s Board of Directors for several years. “We’re really proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish.” Not only is Gupta’s team all in on the project every year, but their subcontractors and vendors also donate their time and materials.

Gupta’s family hands the keys to Park Square Blitz 2023 homeowner Fatima.

“They are very important,” he said. “They are very busy again this year yet they are willing to come forward and help us and Habitat for Humanity.”

Building Park Square Homes

Gupta came to America from England 38 years ago after getting married. “I didn’t know what I was going to do in America. I just had the ambition to do something,” he said.

His father-in-law, Braham Aggarwal, had a partnership in a hotel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and he asked Gupta to manage it. He said yes, despite not knowing anything about the business, and learned as he went. In a few months, he decided to look for a hotel to buy in Orlando but couldn’t find anything.

“A friend said, how about starting a home building company?” he said.

They bought a piece of land. Gupta managed sales and accounting and his friend served as the general contractor. That was 1984.

Today Park Square Homes is one of Central Florida’s premier residential and resort homebuilders and a recognized leader in the planning, design, development, and sales of residential and resort homes in Central Florida.

A Family Culture

Park Square Homes presents the keys to homeowner Minunga at Builders Blitz 2021.

Park Square Homes is not just family-owned, many of Gupta’s family members are involved in the business “My passion for family is very important,” Gupta said. “We bring that culture to the organization as well.”

Leading up to Blitz week and the week itself, Park Square Homes employees are excited and all pitching in. The team, as well as family members, attend the closing ceremony at the end of the build week.

“It brings us all together for that one week, even before that because they’re all planning,” he said. And the homeowner they’re building the home for is welcomed as a part of that family as well.

Gupta encourages other builders to partner with Habitat Orlando & Osceola to give back to the community. “It’s very rewarding,” he said. “The reward is in giving without expecting anything back.”

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